Voice API Integrations

Supercharge your voice API by adding thinQ Least Cost Routing (LCR) to Twilio, Nexmo or Plivo Voice

Give your voice API superpowers

Applications using voice APIs like Twilio, Nexmo, or Plivo are easily enhanced with thinQ LCR. A few lines of code will greatly reduce your calling costs and improve your voice performance without sacrificing any native functionality.

Reduced Rates. Improved Rounding

Our powerful LCR technology optimizes outbound and inbound call routing in real time, reducing costs by 30-50%. Six-second rounding boosts performance further, saving up to 75% on individual calls.

Enhance your voice API feature set

Our platform’s powerful calling features enhance your voice API feature set with thinQ’s innovative cloud technology.

Disaster Recovery

Easy-to-use disaster recovery solution in the event of a carrier outage

Redundant 3rd Parties

Dynamic failover to the third parties such as Plivo or Nexmo

Caller ID

CNAM APIs makes it possible to integrate Caller ID on all outbound calls

Increased Calls Per Second

Route multiple calls per second

Integrate seamlessly

With three implementation methods, broad programming language support and live customer service, we make integration simple and customized to your business needs.

Wrapper Library Load our libraries into the Twilio SDK via your preferred programming language

Hardcode thinQ’s LCR into your existing scripts

Rest API Utilize thinQ functionality with a simple cloud REST API call.

Ready to supercharge your Voice API?

Let’s discuss how you can improve your Twilio, Nexmo or Plivo voice APIs.