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Text Messaging

Create better customer experiences through the power of text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messaging with our messaging API.

Messaging (SMS/MMS)

Create better customer experiences with the power of text and multimedia messaging solutions with our SMS & MMS APIs.

Join a new era of communications

Text messaging is the fastest-growing communication channel in the world, enabling companies to engage with their customers instantly on mobile devices.

With support for 10DLC A2P messaging (Application to Person), we go far beyond the features of free SMS APIs to get the scale, savings, and functionality you need. 

Add SMS and MMS texting to domestic and toll-free numbers to take advantage of the modern way to stay in touch, provide support, and more. 

Get our SMS deliverability checklist to be sure your messages avoid carrier spam traps. Plus, visit our knowledge base for the latest long-code and toll-free messages per second transmission caps, carrier surcharges, and more.

Pictures, Video & Audio

Emojis & Unicode

Hosted SMS

High Volume Toll-Free SMS/MMS

Detailed Usage Statistics

Ready to Power Text Messaging in the Cloud?

thinQ allows you to communicate the way a modern business should. Improve customer communications with text messaging.