Least Cost Routing

thinQ’s Least Cost Routing (LCR) cloud platform delivers high-quality call routing with optimal pricing.

Twilio LCR Plugin

Supercharge your Twilio Voice experience with thinQ’s powerful Least Cost Routing platform.

Toll-Free LCR

Our first-of-its-kind cloud solution offers control and pricing over toll-free calls.

Messaging (SMS/MMS)

Integrate SMS into your communications to deliver better customer experiences with text and multimedia messaging.

Caller Name (CNAM)

A flexible, more cost-efficient way to integrate caller ID data into your phone system.

Location Routing Number (LRN)

Get the best price for your routed calls via SIP or REST API with our simple LRN solution.


Our cloud-based origination service gives you control over carriers for inbound calls.

ILEC VoIP Solutions

Access top industry carriers, improve your rates and take control with thinQ’s platform.