Twilio Voice thinQ Hardcoding

If your Twilio library is working and you don’t want to add any additional programming or libraries to your project, then you can use our hardcoding option to take advantage of thinQ's Least Cost Routing (LCR) technology.

This option is also perfect for those who are already using Twilio and do not want to make any major changes to their existing code, but are interested in saving money and having more control of their routing and higher reliability with thinQ. No additional libraries and software are required to be installed with this option, just a simple text change needs to be made.

How Does thinQ Hardcoding Work?

By changing a simple parameter that is sent to Twilio in your Twilio Library code, Twilio will re-route your call as a SIP call to thinQ to let us handle your call for you and save you money in the process.

The parameter to change is the TO phone number. Change this parameter from the format or just the phone number, “19191231234”, to the new format of “sip:19191231234@wap.thinq.com?thinQid=1234&thinQtoken=0987” and that’s it!

How Do I Get Started?

To get started just sign up for a free thinQ account with Twilio enabled, then go into your existing code that is already working with the Twilio Library.

Change the existing TO phone number to the above format and replaces what is in the TO field with this information to have your calls sent to thinQ.

The thinQid and thinQ token parameters need to be sent with the call for authentication purposes. You can get the values of these parameters by logging into your account.