Least Cost Routing for Twilio Voice

With just a few lines of code, thinQ’s powerful cloud-based Least Cost Routing (LCR) platform seamlessly integrates with Twilio Voice—without affecting any SIP calling functionality. By optimizing your call routing over more than 40 carriers with our LCR, you can terminate calls at an average of 0.42 cents per minute rather than the 1.5 cents per minute charged by Twilio voice. Also, since we round to 6-second intervals, rather than 60-second intervals, your savings can be further amplified.

Use Cases

  • Outbound calls such as Appointment Reminders for customers
  • Phone verification services (e.g. apps w/ two-factor verification such as banking)
  • Voice conferencing
  • Callbacks (for call centers)

Getting Started

After registering a free account, choose your preferred implementation method below to get started:

Termination (Outbound) Options

Twilio Wrapper Library Connect the Twilio SDK into thinQ LCR via your preferred programming language. REST API Utilize thinQ functionality with a simple cloud REST API call. Hardcode Hardcode thinQ LCR into your existing scripts.

Origination (Inbound)

Set Up Voice Origination with Twilio BYON Service