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If you’re serving clients in a healthcare-related field, HIPAA compliance is likely top of mind. And you’ve probably found that your clients may stick with an app or system much longer than they should simply because it is HIPAA compliant.

As a healthcare provider or SaaS company with healthcare customers, you’ve likely been heavily vetted to ensure that you meet these requirements. Read on to better understand how you can offer SMS/voice that abides by HIPAA compliance – without breaking the bank.

The Importance of HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is designed to ensure that all parties that process, store, and share personal health information conform to the same standards of information security. This legislation keeps patients confident that their information is secure. As more health providers outsource their communication needs, they must ensure that these services meet or exceed those standards of HIPAA compliance. Lack of compliance at any level can lead to litigation or financial penalties – as well as loss of trust from their patients.

This adds a level of complexity to vetting a new vendor and makes it often seem easier for a healthcare provider to just stick with the same set of vendors that have proven their security and reliability. But we have a service you can add in that allows them to scale and improve their patient communications without sacrificing compliance.

There’s a Better Way to Achieve HIPAA Without Paying an Arm and a Leg

When providing SMS or voice service to a healthcare company, you’ll want to stick with a provider with proven HIPAA compliance. The problem? As your clients and traffic scale, you may be hit with skyrocketing costs that you can either absorb or pass on to them – and neither of these options is ideal. You might even have slowdowns that affect their ability to communicate with their patients or customers, which causes problems. Instead, you can integrate a service that helps lower the cost per message/call and provides more capacity to meet their needs.

thinQ has a proven track record of reducing costs while ensuring high levels of deliverability and scalability. Healthcare providers and SaaS companies with healthcare customers can easily integrate our solution into their messaging and voice communications with zero disruption to service and guaranteed compliance. Our route blocking and tracing tools ensure you have complete control over how calls and messages are routed and handled.

How thinQ Supports HIPAA

As a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) provider, thinQ passes information through. We don’t record or store any of the sensitive personal data used in healthcare, ensuring that we are covered under the Conduit Exception Rule of HIPPA. Like a mail delivery service, we are simply a channel for the messages sent by health plans, healthcare providers, and other health-related industries: “The Rule applies to entities that transmit PHI but do not have access to the transmitted information and do not store copies of data. They simply act as conduits through which PHI flows.” That’s thinQ!

Want to Know More?

If you’re ready to find out how thinQ’s HIPAA-compliant services can improve the services you offer your health care clients while controlling costs, contact us to schedule a demo today.