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Join Michael Tindall, thinQ’s Chief Architect & Co-Founder, to learn how your SaaS platform can leverage AI in the cloud to better route your calls, gain full visibility into your communications, and save. Watch as Tindall, a veteran VoIP and OpenSIPs engineer, explains how predictive analytics can help you scale, unlock 40 high-quality carriers, and ensure maximum uptime for your critical applications.

Artificial intelligence does more than just make it easier to transcribe texts with your voice or ride in a self-driving car. Recent enhancements in machine learning gives you the ability to collect data and take action on it. Versions of AI now power everything from sales to marketing and, yes, communications.

A decade ago a majority of calls were delivered through copper wires and hardware switches over single carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and CenturyLink. Businesses and SaaS platforms alike – like Twilio – signed inflexible contracts, limiting their flexibility to route their calls through least-cost routes. Worst of all, when calls were dropped or an outage occurred, your communications went down for hours or days.

thinQ’s cloud communications platform gives you the ability to save money on every call by routing your calls over the Internet through multiple carriers, gaining reliability, flexibility, and automatic disaster recovery. Add a customer service team standing ready to answer partner questions, delivering support in minutes versus days, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for domestic and toll-free calling disruption with a human touch.

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