Unified communications results in a better user experience for employees and customers alike.As connected technologies continue to advance, the concept of the “unified experience” is starting to overtake prevailing notions of unified communications.

The unified experience integrates a range of data and information from various sources, presenting it in a single, easily digestible manner. Unified experiences are powered by technologies known as application program interfaces (APIs). However, the deployment of APIs come with significant challenges, at least as far as current technologies are concerned. User authentication is a particularly prevalent challenge, as is the collection of data needed to deliver a seamless unified experience to the end user.

New Ways of Thinking About Unified Communications Solutions
Internet-based communication technologies have, for some time now, been powered by protocols that support a baseline level of inter-operable compatibility. Service providers frequently add layers in an effort to make their products solve specific problems and deliver advanced functionality through the use of APIs.

WebRTC has recently emerged as another player in this discussion. Though it does demand more intricate systems engineering, WebRTC is becoming increasingly consistent and reliable, prompting many pundits to predict that it will soon become the easiest and most accessible technology for building custom software applications that use real-time communications. In the end, APIs and related technologies are primarily evaluated by how well they function and how much flexibility they offer the end user. Integrating multiple modes of communication is fast emerging as the next step in connected technologies, giving developers an enhanced range of options to choose from when designing applications.

A Better End User Experience
Businesses that want to eliminate fragmentation from the end user experience are prime candidates to explore the technological solutions offered by the emerging generation of APIs, Web RTC, and related technologies. Together, these suites are poised to deliver far more fluidity when it comes to collecting, managing, and delivering data. The technology professionals at thinQ have an advanced understanding of unified communications solutions for the business world, and of how APIs can best be deployed to build effective solutions that deliver a better customer experience.

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