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Above: Call Detail Record (CDR) from a thinQ partner shows cost savings over CPaaS leaders Twilio and Plivo.

“As we scaled up with Twilio and Plivo we knew we had to offer better pricing to our clients and lower our costs. thinQ’s competitive pricing has worked out very well.”
Richard Nolan
Co-Founder, TrackDrive

TrackDrive is a SaaS platform offering call analytics and web-lead to inbound call automation technology to clients around the world. The firm’s marketing technology initiates contact with leads by placing outbound calls, sending text messages via AI technology to auto-respond to incoming messages, and delivering emails to automate and optimize campaign conversions.

Marketing Voice & Messaging Platform | TrackDrive | thinQ Testimonial


  • Twilio and Plivo have limited, expensive calling capabilities
  • Inability to route calls at the best possible price and quality
  • Slow to respond to support tickets & issues



  • 60% voice cost savings over Twilio & Plivo
  • Dynamic failover to deliver 99.99% up-time
  • Work one-on-one with a support team with deep expertise

Provide Cost-Effective Voice & Call Tracking for Marketing Platform

“We originally were using Twilio and Plivo through their full Rest API integrations, but discovered that they’re very expensive. Convenient, but expensive. We had to find a better way.”

Richard Nolan, Co-Founder of TrackDrive, has a long tenure in the affiliate marketing world, leveraging technologies like email and text messaging to help his clients connect with potential customers.

Despite his client’s preference for digital marketing tactics, a majority of people still prefer making a phone call when they’re ready to buy. Plus, adding phone numbers to emails and landing pages on websites added a powerful tracking mechanism to link individual calls back to the publishers and marketing pieces that triggered conversions, providing an invaluable data point to help his clients know what’s working.

“As we started dialing outbound to consumers, we needed more upstreams and we didn’t want to write another switch or set up another API in full.”

Toll-Free Savings Calculator

Integrate thinQ to Unlock Phone Call Savings & Scale Voice Traffic

“What I was trying to do was find a way to get ahead of our competition as we scaled up. I knew we had to offer better pricing to our clients and lower costs. That’s when we found thinQ. Your competitive pricing has worked out very well.”

Setting up thinQ was quick and easy, thanks to the Voice APIs offered by Plivo and Twilio with the ability to hardcode SIP voice service.

“It wasn’t hard at all, it was very turnkey to set up voice termination with your solution for Twilio (how-to guide) and Plivo (installation guide). We had to change just a few logical API calls to turn you on, and we didn’t have any real issues.”

One of the most important features TrackDrive leverages is thinQ’s ability to handle multiple calls per second to scale their call traffic. “We could only have 2 calls per second with Twilio or Plivo unless we changed our agreements. We couldn’t let them be the master of our calls, because even 10 calls per second would have been $1,000 per month, and we needed 40.”

“It was just too expensive, we couldn’t justify it. Now we’re able to take advantage of thinQ’s inexpensive outbound and inbound calling using the same work we already did with Plivo and Twilio, just for a whole lot less.”

“If you’re thinking about leveraging thinQ, I’d say that you’re already using the same API calls with Plivo or Twilio numbers. You’re paying those exorbitant costs and you’re not getting wholesale pricing for your calls. If you switch from using their numbers and their Rest API, and move your numbers to thinQ, you’ll save a ton of money by not using Twilio or Plivo’s voice initiation and use SIP trunking with thinQ instead.”


Download Marketing Case Study (PDF)