Somos hosts a community of Responsible Organizations (RespOrgs), service providers, and key influencers to connect, collaborate, learn, and network as they discuss the latest Toll-Free topics and trends at the Toll Free User Summit in Chicago from September 25-27.

thinQ is listed as a top Toll-Free Tech Breakthrough Award nominee for our Toll-Free Least Cost Routing (TFLCR) engine. Given to one company per year, this award is meant to recognize efforts towards a technology innovation used in launching or promoting applications using Toll-Free Numbers.

The winner has been a champion of new and innovative ways of using Toll-Free, creating a driver of growth and evolution for the industry.

Modernizing Access to Toll-Free Routing Data 


VP of Product Management & Carrier Relations, Craig Meredith, will be joining Somos’ Director of Product Management, Ryan Karnas, and other industry experts as they explore how Toll-Free routing data can help Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) and Toll-Free Service Providers become more efficient over time.

The panel will be held Tuesday, September 26th at 1pm Central, and joined by:

  • SOMOS – Ryan Karnas, Director of Product Management
  • thinQ – Craig Meredith, VP Product Mgmt & Carrier Relations
  • NetNumber – Steve Legge, General Manager, Global Data Services
  • Tel-Lingua – Andrew Mangold, CEO
  • The Toll-Free Exchange – David Aldworth, President
  • SOMOS – Mary Retka, Senior Director, Industry Relations (moderator)

Meet thinQ at Somos Toll-Free User Summit

If you haven’t already, register for the event and then drop us a line to set up a meeting with our team. We are confident we can help improve your business’ Toll-Free performance, and would love to prove it to you. Don’t forget share your Toll-Free Summit excitement on Twitter with the hashtag #TFUS17!