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Watch Our How-To in Less Than Seven Minutes 

At Commio, we’re enthused about all the opportunities presented by 10DLC A2P text messaging, especially as the new brand and campaign registration requirements help clean out the spam from our text inboxes. But we also understand that it’s now a bit more work and a lot more confusing to brand owners.

Our messaging experts have worked tirelessly to stay on top of all the changing nuances around the requirements, keeping you informed, and providing access to registration in the teli Messaging portal (currently in limited release, contact your account manager or the support team to request access). However, since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s our Senior Vice President of Messaging Brian Ford to walk you through it—in just under 7 minutes!

As always, our U.S.-based support team is available to answer any remaining questions you might have. You can also find more information in our webinar video or, if you prefer, our previous blogs on the subject, below. Happy campaigning!

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