The rise of artificial intelligence in cloud communications has delivered many new opportunities for vendors and given users access to previously unheard-of capabilities. It’s a development that’s drawn many other fields into cloud communications as well, and with the increased popularity, is driving further development.

Why Enterprises Are Increasingly Connecting Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Communications

Enterprises are moving their operations to the cloud at a rapid pace, and artificial intelligence is part of the package.

Growing competition. The biggest reason companies are moving is because their competitors are. Economist Intelligence Unit noted that soon 75% of surveyed executives expected artificial intelligence to be part of their operations.

Range of options. Artificial intelligence is showing up in a wide variety of tools, from voice-controlled mechanisms to automation. With so many potential use cases, bringing in artificial intelligence becomes a vital way to access these tools and put them to work.

Improved profitability. Artificial intelligence can work both sides of the profit equation at once. It can reduce expenses, cutting back on waste and potential losses, while also improving customer experiences and in-house operations to produce better revenue.

The Contact Center Benefits From Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Communications’ Connection

Connecting these two facets improves the modern contact center today, and will continue to impact all facets of your business in the future.

Faster call resolution. With artificial intelligence, calls into the contact center can be answered at any time. Many of these—especially over simple problems—can also be handled on the first try, meaning that overall call resolution is faster.

Better quality resolution. Customers can get faster answers, but also have a better chance at getting their problems addressed immediately. First-call resolution has always been the gold standard, and artificial intelligence improves the odds of it happening.

Cost savings. With higher-quality automated systems on hand, customers can place their calls at any time of the day or night, without the contact center needing to be staffed. No more need to pay premiums for third-shift contact center help, or even for such help at all with artificial intelligence better able to handle the basics.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Communications

Taking advantage of these benefits can be a challenge. Having the right software platform integrated into your contact center software is critical, and at thinQ, we’ve got the solution you’ve been seeking.

Our platform has the connection between artificial intelligence and cloud communications at its core. Able to intelligently route calls, in real time, through routes based on least cost—not to mention around problems found on nearly any carrier to avoid outages—and we can produce better quality calls at the best possible price. To take advantage of everything artificial intelligence and cloud communications can produce, connect with us today.