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How Toll-Free LCR Can Help You Better Serve Your Customers [Webinar]

While digital channels are growing, voice is still the most important customer service touch point. However, call centers are painfully aware of the high rates and unreliable voice quality provided by single-carrier toll-free solutions, not to mention the various headaches that go into negotiating long-term contracts. Fortunately there is a better way…

Toll-Free Least Cost Routing Can Help You Better Serve Your Customers

President Mike Tindall will show you how you can maximize your call center’s efficiency and customer experience with our Award winning Toll-Free LCR platform during a live webinar CRMXchange in early this October. Webinar Details What You Will Learn
  • The top concerns of call centers
  • How Toll-Free LCR works
  • How to improve your toll-free calling rates
  • How to disaster recovery can save you from embarrassing or costly carrier outages
  • …and much more!

Mike Tindall, President & Co-Founder, thinQ

About the Presenter For almost 20 years, Michael has been engineering disruptive communication technologies. He has held senior-level positions at ClearSky Networks, US Networks, and, and is one of only 18 OpenSIPS Certified professionals worldwide, validating his proven experience and authority in VoIP technology. After building one of the industry’s first cloud-based least cost routing (LCR) platforms, he co-founded thinQ in 2009 with former colleague Aaron Leon. Their goal is to create innovative communication solutions that enable businesses to communicate more efficiently while reducing costs. As President and CTO, Michael oversees the development of the industry’s first and only Toll-Free LCR, a technology that is reinventing how contact centers and enterprise companies manage toll-free calling.

Toll-Free LCR Platform Overview

With thinQ’s cloud-based Toll-Free Least Cost Routing (LCR) platform—you can forget about flat rates, long-term contracts, poor calling quality, and carrier outages. By putting multiple tier-1 carriers in competition with one another, our toll-free analytics engine perpetually analyzes traffic patterns, optimizing routing selections for maximum savings on a call-by-call basis. Additionally, a multiple carrier solution provides redundancy, allowing for immediate disaster recovery in the event of a potentially embarrassing and costly carrier outage. There is no other platform like this on the market today.  
We believe in giving our customers the utmost control and transparency over their toll-free call routing. In real time, you can:
  • Choose vendors
  • Select single numbers or similarly grouped numbers
  • Determine geographical limitations
  • Access infrastructure and tools
  • Make routing changes

Get Started

Don’t get stuck with high rates or leave your customers without a way to reach you. Take back control and give them the quality they deserve with thinQ’s Toll-Free LCR. Schedule a demo today, sign up for the webinar, or give us a call at 1-877-506-0747 to get started.