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Although video is a big part of any conference calling platform’s delivery model, voice and SMS play a huge role too. And the services used for voice and SMS can have a large effect on overall costs. So how can conference calling platforms keep voice and SMS costs under control while providing a stellar experience to conference presenters and participants?

Key elements to look for include:

  • Scalability
  • Redundancy
  • Transparency
  • High-tech solutions to cost controls


The pandemic saw a meteoric rise in use of online conference platforms to connect with colleagues, friends, and business contacts when many companies shifted to remote work and business travel was shut down. However, as companies and countries have opened back up, conferencing is likely to remain a big part of business and personal communication, leading to a continually growing demand for your services.

As you’re looking for a voice and messaging provider, ensure their ability to scale quickly as needed and at price points that make sense for your bottom line. thinQ provides scalability for both voice and SMS at the lowest price points available, and many customers see immediate savings of 40% or more on their monthly bills.


One drawback of using a single voice provider is that if they lose service for some reason, your voice service is completely out. When you’ve got presenters using your service and participants calling the phone lines to connect, that is no good. When looking for a voice provider, look for one that offers multiple carriers and easy switching between carriers when there are outages so that your conference system can remain the reliable choice for your users.

thinQ uses a network of 40+ carriers to ensure a 99.99% uptime and high voice quality, no matter what.


As you navigate a voice and SMS solution, you will need to be able to know – and control – exactly how your calls are routing and what costs will be associated. That control will allow you to make quick business decisions when needed to increase or decrease capacity to fit your needs, so ensure that any solution you choose is highly transparent about cost and how calls and SMS messages are handled. 

Another transparency consideration when choosing a provider is a back-end that allows you to find and solve problems quickly, without having to submit tickets and wait for a response from their team. Ask to demo the back-end and see how it works to help you make a decision about how it will serve your conference platform. thinQ’s back-end allows you to trace exactly how calls are being routed and to make rules that bypass problematic carriers for a short time or on an ongoing basis. 

Cost Control

As calls are sent through the various carrier networks, you will want to find a solution that ensures the lowest cost no matter what. To ensure cost controls, thinQ uses intelligent call routing, a machine learning and AI-based tool to pick the lowest cost route with no delays. With always up-to-date rate tables and a back-end that allows you to control which carriers you use, you get the best blend of technology decision-making and human intervention on all calls.

Ready to see if thinQ’s voice and SMS solutions are the right fit for your conference platform? Contact us to schedule a 15-minute demo.