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Customers want a seamless experience when they interact with businesses, no matter which channel they choose. In fact, according to recent research by CRM company Kustomer, 79% of consumers get frustrated when they can’t contact customer service on their preferred medium or platform, and 81% of consumers would abandon a purchase because of a poor service experience.

Providing a great experience across platforms improves customer engagement and retention, leading to an overall increase in lifetime customer value. As a sales enablement provider, you are the backbone of your clients’ omnichannel strategy, giving them the tools and services to ensure that delightful experience no matter how their customers want to connect.

But how do you scale to manage your own growth and your clients’ growth without hitting huge cost increases or lowering service quality? You need a scalable communications platform that keeps you in control.

How the Cloud Allows Easy Scalability

When your platform hits a busy period, you might see huge cost increases to handle the added volume of voice calls and SMS messages. But you can easily integrate a cloud-based platform to allow you to scale at the lowest price points so you can continue to route your clients’ communications and keep your own costs in check.

thinQ integrates into your existing system quickly and easily. Just insert a few lines of code. Leave the carrier negotiations to us as your bring-your-own-carrier solution.

Why Control Matters in Customer Service

One of the other top-of-mind concerns is making sure calls and messages get through, no matter what. And you need control to keep things working smoothly.

Sometimes carriers have outages. If you’re using a communications platform that relies on one carrier, that outage can mean hours or days of missed calls that destroy the customer relationship. With thinQ’s 40+ high-quality network, you have built-in redundancy to ensure that an outage in one carrier doesn’t derail your voice-based communications.

Additionally, your easy-to-use backend tools allow you to see exactly where the outages have occurred and control how calls route through the carrier networks. When there are problems, you can get right in and fix them rather than waiting for a carrier to respond to a service ticket – that’s how thinQ’s hands-on tools help SaaS sales enablement platforms offer 99.99% uptime.

How to Control Costs in Omnichannel Communications Platforms

As more customers use many channels to connect, call and text volumes can shoot through the roof – taking your costs with them. Instead of relying on legacy tools to route calls, thinQ uses least cost routing (LCR) to find the best and cheapest route for voice calls. And this AI-based tool works in less than a second, so there are no delays in making calls.

For text messaging, thinQ uses 10-digit numbers and daisy chains them to keep costs under control without sacrificing message volume or delivery time.

These tools have helped our customers save 40% or more on their monthly bills, unlocked full transparency and flexibility to route their communications exactly as they see fit, deliver maximum up-time, and more.

When you’re providing a sales platform as a service (SaaS), you need great audio and text deliverability with stellar uptime at the best price. If you’re ready to see if thinQ is the right partner to give you that, contact us to schedule a 15-minute demo.