Each year, VoIP providers and vendors lose millions of dollars to brute-force break-in attempts, denial of service (DDS) attacks, and toll fraud where fraudsters artificially generate a high volume of international calls on expensive routes. Fraudsters make calls to what are known as premium rate numbers and take a cut of the revenue generated from these calls.

Unprotected VoIP PBX and cloud communications as a service platforms (CPaaS) are sensitive to these kinds of attacks and fraud, resulting in service downtime, call quality issues, and direct financial loss.

You’re invited to a free, 30-minute webinar on March 28, 2019 at 1PM ET (10AM PT) featuring an expert panel from thinQ and Bicom Systems. Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Two case studies illustrate vulnerabilities and how to address them.
2. How Bicom sipPROT prevents common attacks by monitoring SIP traffic and updating your firewall to block attacks.
3. How thinQ’s Least Cost Routing (LCR), origination and termination services have been architected to prevent fraud, deliver 99.99% uptime, and save VoIP providers up to 50% on their calls.

You’ll receive a one-page tip sheet after the session that explains how to address the top fraud and security concerns. Plus you’ll be invited to learn more about Bicom and thinQ’s solutions.

Even if you can’t attend live, we’ll provide a recording of the webinar that you can watch anytime, anywhere. Be sure to register now so you don’t miss this critical information!


About Bicom Systems
Bicom Systems has been researching and integrating innovative Open Source Telephony Projects since 2003 to commercialize by unifying them with its Telecoms Management Softwares suite. Bicom Systems launched its PBXware software in September 2004 and became the first company to deliver an Open Standards Turnkey Telephony System. By unifying the best of open standards telephony and its own proprietary software Bicom Systems provides SMBs, Enterprises, and Governments worldwide with turnkey solutions that take into account clients’ exact needs within a very cost-effective framework.

About thinQ
Designed with your perspective in mind, thinQ’s first-to-market technologies harness the power of the cloud to bring innovative tools to the telecommunications industry. Least Cost Routing (LCR) offers complete control over every aspect of your voice traffic. Toll-Free LCR allows you to choose which carriers route your toll-free calls so you get the quality you want and the value you need. LRN and CNAM APIs integrate Location Routing Number and Caller ID Name into any application so you can streamline your routing and better manage caller data. Local Voice ensures that independent carriers and VoIP providers can fully control their ordering and provisioning.

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