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The A2P 10DLC campaign registry requirements are changing so quickly it’s hard for messaging experts to keep track, while many end users have put their heads in the proverbial desert sand. Watch our new video to see Brian Ford, GM of Enterprise Messaging, and Scott Navratil, VP, Retention & Growth, walk you through the latest updates as of August and new requirements–including the ability to register your campaigns quickly and easily via the teli portal.

With no one entity in charge of the industry’s campaign “fix” designed to stave off additional regulation, it feels like it’s every carrier for themselves. “If today is Monday, Verizon requires verification, only AT&T will allow urgent requests, some carriers have surcharges, others do not; but tomorrow it all flips.” Who can keep up?

The reality is that you must be able to send campaigns and can’t ignore the “rules” for long—messaging has rapidly become an integral part of the business model for lead generation, alerts, notifications, revenue accountability, and more. Believe it or not, there’s an upside to the current OK Corral of campaign registration: getting rid of competing spam and honing your approach will allow your message to shine more brightly to improve delivery and conversions.

Teli and thinQ are here to help! Keeping you up-to-date on the latest industry changes and requirements is part of our core business. Our experts are committed to helping you navigate the situation and optimize your campaigns.

Go to the teli portal to register your brands and 10DLC campaigns today (registry currently in limited release, contact your account manager or the support team to request access) Or, if you’re not a customer, schedule a demo to get all the latest details on this important topic.

Note: The webinar refers to a number pooling cap of 49 around T-Mobile brand registration; it should have said campaign registration.

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