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thinQ’s Twilio Connect solution makes it easy to improve call routing efficiency and control over a wide range of applications and calling solutions without affecting your Twilio code or functionality.

The following set of instructions will guide you through the process of configuring the Twilio to use thinQ for voice origination services.

Step 1: Authenticating thinQ IPs with Twilio

In order to send traffic to a Twilio SIP domain, that traffic must be first authenticated with an IP whitelist or a username and password.

To create an IP whitelist, go to here. Give it a friendly name that will help you remember the IP group and then add in the following thinQ IPs:

thinQ IPs


Step 2: Creating Twilio SIP domain

The next step is to create a Twilio SIP domain—also commonly referred to as an “A Record.” This maps a domain name to the IP address (IPv4) of the computer hosting the domain. 

To create an A Record:

  • Go here and pick a domain name
  • Add the IP ACL you created to the domain
  • Hit “Save.”

Your Twilio account is now prepared to receive calls from thinQ.

Step 3: Creating a thinQ Routing Profile

To complete the setup, we will next look at configuring the platform to route calls to Twilio. Open Routing Profiles then click the “+”.  Now name the profile, select type DNS A in the drop-down and then insert the record you created above. Should be Don’t forget to click Save.

thinQ Routing Preferences

This routing profile will create a set of commands that instructs thinQ’s platform on where to send inbound calls that are destined to the thinQ numbers assigned to your account.

Step 4: Ordering Telephone Numbers

Whether it’s a local or toll-free number, the thinQ platform allows you to query and order telephone numbers in real-time.

Buy Phone Numbers DIDs thinQ

Step 5: Number Management

The fifth and final step in configuration consists of assigning your routing profile that was created in Step 3 to the numbers you have ordered from thinQ in step 4.

That’s it! If you have any difficulty implementing the steps listed above, talk with your thinQ representative or call us at 1-877-506-0747.