Here at thinQ, we’re excited to announce our next step in delivering deeper value to our partners by launching our expanded Customer Success Team!

What is the Customer Success Team?

The Customer Success Team’s goal is to deliver deeper value on your thinQ solutions – and ultimately – provide you with enhanced business operations. Partners will receive customized business reviews, benefit from data-driven insights, join product feedback sessions, attend specialized trainings, and more!

Who is on the Customer Success Team?

The Customer Success Team is currently made up of two parts: Customer Success Specialists (CSSs) and Customer Success Managers (CSMs).

Customer Success Specialists know porting inside and out. Their goal is to minimize partner involvement in porting so you can focus on growing your business. CSSs pride themselves in solving problems before they arise. They are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and ensure the customer experience is as smooth as possible.

Customer Success Managers are focused on improving partner value internally and externally. Externally, CSMs will be leading proactive account checks, product trainings, and specialized business reviews tailored to your business goals. Internally, CSMs actively advocate to improve partner experience by participating in product meetings to ensure our partners’ pressing needs are heard.

Both roles (CSS and CSMs) work together to share common feedback, learnings, and trends to create the most relevant content and resources for you and your team through updated knowledge base articles, video trainings, and more!

Why are we investing in Customer Success?

We have spent 9 years perfecting the most scalable, customizable, and intuitive cloud-based communications platform in the industry and we believe we can raise the bar even higher. As we continue to invest in our technology we thought it was equally important to invest in the customer experience. This team represents that investment and is here to reinforce the commitment and investments we are making in our partners.

What’s next?

CSMs have already started making introductions to some partners and will reach out to more partners in the coming months. CSSs have been blazing through porting requests and have been leading internal initiatives to improve the porting process. This is where we need your help.

We are launching a Porting Improvement Survey to redesign the porting experience for our partners. You can voice your opinions here.