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Omnichannel marketing might sound like a buzzword, but it brings true value to businesses of all sizes with its many layers. Achieving true omnichannel marketing might seem difficult and complex, but it can be made simpler through the addition of an essential technology: a communications platform as a service (CPaaS).

With CPaaS in place, businesses like yours can better achieve brand consistency – a vital part of omnichannel marketing – as well as improve the customer experience.

How Does CPaaS Improve Customer Experience?

CPaaS actually improves the overall customer experience on several fronts.

Go where the customers are. Customers want to reach businesses by a variety of different methods. Some want to use text messaging, others live web chat, and others standard voice service. Using CPaaS allows access to all popular communications platforms at once, which puts your business face-forward on the platforms customers want to use.

Improve your own grading. CPaaS use can result in improved measurement of a business’ own capabilities. CPaaS systems often come with monitoring and analysis tools, and by using the produce of a CPaaS system — all those phone calls — in certain kinds of analytics systems, you can more readily spot trends in the making and respond to those trends accordingly.

Rapid changes. If there’s one thing customer-facing businesses know, it’s that customer tastes change quickly and constantly. Contact methods are no different, and therefore, businesses need a way to quickly change what they offer in contact methods to reflect changes in the customers’ taste. CPaaS systems, being cloud-based as-a-service systems, can be changed more rapidly than legacy systems, thus allowing businesses to keep up.

Better experimentation. Even if a business’ customers aren’t having a lot of communications mood swings, businesses themselves may want to experiment and see what tools work better than others. The same high-speed feature swapping systems that let a business keep up with fickle customers allow the same business to bring in new features and remove them if they don’t prove worth their keep.

Getting Started With CPaaS: Improve Customer Experience & Brand Consistency

The benefits of better brand consistency and customer experience are clear, and taking advantage of CPaaS’ capabilities to improve both are well worth doing.

When you’re ready to bring CPaaS into your operations and improve your marketing grades, start by reaching out to us at thinQ. With more than 40 of the nation’s top carriers on hand and the first-ever toll-free least-cost routing system, as well as tools to build SMS/MMS messaging into your communications, we can help give your omnichannel marketing efforts a brighter future thanks to the right communications platform.