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Hope to See You at Booth #206!

The Commio team is excited to meet up with our customers and partners at LeadsCon on October 21-22 in Las Vegas! 

LeadsCon is the conference for performance marketers working to optimize their lead generation, nurturing, and conversion. And it’s a great place to meet up with Commio, as the uniquely customizable, cloud-based communications API platform that makes it easy to deliver integrated voice and text messaging.

We spoke with Scott Navratil, Vice President of Customer Retention & Growth, who will be at the Commio exhibit booth #206 to meet with current and prospective customers, to get his insights.

Tell us about LeadsCon—who typically attends, and why?

Scott: We have participated at Leadscon for many years and have had a lot of success; it’s where you go if you are in the performance marketing business. There are lots of big company names among the attendees and exhibitors, so it’s a good show to attend to work with other companies and to generate marketing leads. It’s where we meet with our customers, but also companies looking to expand their omnichannel capabilities.

There’s a lot of discussion around communications compliance, legislation, etc. Also, there are people just looking to better understand how cloud communications can support their marketing efforts.

How has SMS/MMS evolved as a marketing tool?

Scott: People in the performance and affiliate marketing space have found that messaging to communicate your brand will get the maximum amount of conversion—it has a 98% open rate, usually within three minutes of receipt! And there are so many messaging options now, depending on whether you want to establish a “local” presence, build brands, provide a mechanism for two-way communication, etc.

What will the Commio presence look like? Is the focus on messaging or will it also include voice?

Scott: We will be exhibiting in booth #206—our first event branded as Commio! We’ll have collateral and great giveaways, of course, but more importantly we can talk to people about voice, messaging, and some of the biggest marketing buzzwords right now: contact center enablement, bulk messaging, programmable API’s, 10DLC expertise, and more.

Why should someone talk to you vs. another voice or messaging provider?

Scott: Commio—with our thinQ Voice and teli Messaging solutions—has had a proven track record in this space for more than a decade. Some of the largest marketing platforms in the world trust Commio with their business-critical communications. 

We are a carrier, not just a reseller—a registered CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier). We offer a superior platform with better scalability and throughput, so we can deliver higher conversion rates. If you want better ROI on your marketing communications efforts, stop by the Commio booth and speak to our experts on how we can improve and scale your platform and services.

What are your top three tips for attendees? What should they look for in voice and/or messaging providers?


1. If you’re leveraging the power of text messaging, it’s critical to understand the daily changes in 10DLC long codes. Make sure you’re partnered with a provider who understands it thoroughly and is staying up to date so they can help guide you to register your brands and campaigns to keep the messaging flowing smoothly.

2. We’re also seeing changes in how short code and toll-free messaging is being handled; carriers are becoming pickier about the messaging they’ll accept. If you want to use messaging in your business model, you need to know which formats are the best for you, what’s acceptable to the carriers, the related fee structures, etc.

3. The last piece of advice is for performance marketing SaaS companies—you really need to talk to Commio about how our programmable API’s can be easily added to help you with your omnichannel programming.

Our flexible, developer-friendly Messaging API powers high-capacity text messaging. From brand & campaign registry to sending through every major gateway, if you can dream it, we can send it: 10DLC long code, short code, toll-free, SMS, MMS. Likewise, our thinQ Voice API is powered by Intelligent call routing with 40 redundant carriers, meaning less worry and more happy customers. See beyond the Voice API to gain visibility into every call, and more.

If you’re a Commio customer attending LeadsCon, or you’d like to find out more about how voice and messaging can help take your marketing efforts and customer experiences to the next level, contact Scott at to set up a meeting or stop by booth 206. We hope to see you there!

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