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New thinQ io platform empowers SaaS, enterprise and telecom providers to make better decisions about voice and text messaging in the cloud.

Raleigh, NC, BUSINESS WIRE, November 5, 2020 – Launching today, thinQ’s integrated inbound and outbound communications platform – thinQ io – along with flexible APIs, deliver a “better way” to power voice and text messaging in the cloud. Customers can use our Web platform’s new, easy workflows to buy, provision, and port phone numbers, create call routing profiles and trunks, and enable text messaging. Programmer-friendly APIs are also available to add and control inbound and outbound voice and texting features in existing tech stacks in minutes.

“We’re excited to release our integrated solution as our hard-working thinQers celebrate our first decade as a powerful, cost-effective cloud communications provider,” said Aaron Leon, thinQ CEO. “Our 1,200 customers get a completely custom, transparent, and editable solution. Now our integrated thinQ io platform and full suite of existing inbound and new outbound APIs empower anyone to strategically make better decisions about voice and text messaging. This sets us apart from other solutions as the ‘better way’ to communicate.” 

Available today, the thinQ io platform eliminates complexity and scales your inbound-outbound voice and messaging all in one unified platform. Whether you’re a SaaS platform with voice or texting needs, an enterprise contact center, or telecom provider, we make it easy to bring your own carriers via SIP trunking and Twilio, Vonage/Nexmo, Plivo, SignalWire, route outbound domestic, toll-free, and international calls, plus text-enable numbers to scale any SMS/MMS application or campaign.

SaaS Platform & Contact Center Scale Voice & SMS in the Cloud

TrackDrive offers call analytics and web-lead to inbound call automation technology to clients around the world. The firm’s marketing technology initiates contact with leads by placing outbound calls, sending text messages via AI technology to auto-respond to incoming messages, and delivering emails to automate and optimize campaign conversions.

“What I was trying to do was find a way to get ahead of our competition as we scaled up,” said Richard Nolan, Co-Founder at TrackDrive. “I knew we had to offer better pricing to our clients and lower costs. That’s when we found thinQ. Your competitive pricing has worked out very well… It was very turnkey to set up voice termination… We had to change just a few logical API calls to turn you on, and we didn’t have any real issues.”

“In our business, we have to connect with customers every time, that’s why we integrated thinQ into Twilio,” explained a Contact Center Manager at one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. “Now we’re sending our calls over all 5 toll-free carriers and saving 48% a month on our toll-free operations. Your platform automates these savings, and gives us the tools we need to deliver maximum uptime.” 

With direct access to thinQ’s network operations specialists via Slack, email, and phone, the insurer’s setup, configuration, testing, and launch took days instead of weeks. thinQ’s powerful Toll-Free Least Cost Routing (LCR) technology optimized outbound and inbound call routing in real time, reducing telecom costs by 48% over Twilio. Six-second call rounding boosted cost performance, and when questions or needs arise, the thinQ team responds quickly to ensure that calls are being handled effectively at scale, day in and day out.

About thinQ

The thinQ communications platform – – and APIs deliver a “better way” to power voice and messaging applications in the cloud. We make it easy to purchase phone numbers for inbound voice, bring your own carriers via SIP trunking and Twilio, Nexmo, Plivo, SignalWire, route outbound domestic, toll-free, and international calls, plus text-enable numbers to scale your SMS/MMS communications. Our Least Cost Routing (LCR) engine and database features – Location Routing Number (LRN), Caller Name (CNAM) and E911 – ensure that you’re properly routing across 40 high-quality carriers and paying the best price for every call. Add call-specific analytics and SIP ladders along with our five-star support team, and you’ve found a “better way” to communicate. 

To obtain pricing or get a demo of thinQ io, visit our website at

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