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thinQ recognized for ease of use and administration, as well as superior professional support and product direction when compared with its CPaaS competitors. 

RALEIGH – July 13, 2021 – thinQ today announced that small and mid-market customers recognize thinQ as a top choice for cloud communications based on G2 user reviews. Users ranked thinQ highest in ease of use and administration, as well as professional support and product direction, against its top competitors in the G2 Grid for Cloud Communication Platforms in summer 2021. G2 is one of the largest software marketplace and services review platforms, used by 2,000 companies and more than five million buyers each month. 

“We’re excited and honored to be recognized by our customers and appreciate their business partnership. Their input is vital to us as we continue to evolve and innovate to help them power better voice and messaging,” said Aaron Leon, CEO at thinQ. “We think you should have complete control of your communications. That’s why we provide high-quality, cost-effective voice and text messaging technology delivered on a scalable software platform, giving you a better way to communicate.

Better is going beyond a single carrier. Any SaaS platform, contact center, or service provider with high call volumes is painfully aware of the costs and complications involved. thinQ gives its customers access to forty high-quality carriers, automated savings of 40 to 70 percent via our intelligent call routing engine, real-time call insights, plus easy number searching, porting, ordering, provisioning, and more.

Better is taking control. For years, providers have been charging a flat rate above and beyond the actual cost of each call. thinQ’s intelligent call routing engine allows customers to connect to and manage multiple carriers based on each customer’s preferred criteria, including call area and call quality, plus enable follow the sun features to route calls to different locations based on coverage schedules, and more.

Better is staying connected. With forty tier-one carriers and all five toll-free providers at the customer’s disposal, they don’t worry about costly or embarrassing communication interruptions. Built-in disaster recovery technology reroutes calls to mitigate downtime in the event of a single-carrier outage, ensuring that they can stay connected.  

Our latest 20+ G2 customer ratings demonstrate how thinQ offers our customers “better” voice and messaging to power better conversations:

  • “Since I started my service with thinQ everything was a breeze. Starting with API connectivity for my platform to the customer service I have received, everything is exceptional. Versatile, great rates, and superb customer service.”
  • “We’re able to save money and work around outbound carrier outages on our own. Total control, flexibility, and savings. Quick implementation of phone numbers, features, services… I can add trunks, numbers and other features with just a few clicks. Number consolidation and intelligent call routing capabilities have been fantastic.”
  • “I was having reliability issues where I was routing my inbound and outbound calls before. ThinQ has helped me solve that, and also allowed me to lower my costs for handling toll-free numbers for my clients. It’s a tie between their prices, transparency and customer service. Their customer service has been phenomenal. Starting with the sales team and ending with their technical support, I don’t know if I’ve had a better experience with a company in a long while.”
  • “thinQ has an impressive choice of carriers, the big ones in the US, and a decent list of carriers for international calls. You can customize and create multiple routing profiles selecting a subset of carriers or all of them, specifying a max rate and a max number of carriers per call. Rates are competitive… Support is quick and the onboarding for the outbound part was easy…”

About G2

The G2 Grid represents the voice of real software users, rating products algorithmically based on data sourced from G2 user product reviews and data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Products are ranked by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on market share, seller size, and social impact).

About thinQ

The thinQ communications platform – – and APIs deliver a better way to power voice and messaging applications in the cloud. We make it easy to purchase phone numbers for inbound voice; bring your own carriers via SIP trunking and Twilio, Nexmo, Plivo, SignalWire; route outbound domestic, toll-free, and international calls; plus text-enable numbers to scale your SMS/MMS communications. Our Least Cost Routing (LCR) engine and database features – Location Routing Number (LRN), Caller Name (CNAM), and E911 – ensure that you’re properly routing across forty high-quality carriers and paying the best price for every call. Add call-specific analytics and SIP ladders along with our five-star support team, and you’ve found a “better way” to communicate. 

thinQ is the registered trademark of thinQ Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.