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The Full Guide to Contact Center Cloud Technologies [Injixo]

Technology is a massive cost to a business, and will either act as an enabler to success, or a hindrance. Consumer expectations around technology has changed dramatically.Demand has grown for exceptional customer service. Contact centers need to service multi-channel customer contacts and drive down cost. Using the right technologies for your needs is key for you contact center success.

Injixo’s Guide to Contact Center Cloud Technologies aims to help you find the right contact center solutions for your business, and how these technologies can help you provide superior customer experience across multiple channels. Among the technologies they recommend is thinQ’s Toll-Free Least Cost Routing:

“Toll-Free Least Cost Routing (TFLCR) allows calls to route at the lowest available cost, allowing you to begin to optimize your costs before you’ve even received the call. It works by analyzing your incoming call volume, determining the most cost effective carrier by location, then automatically applying these routing selections for maximum savings on a call-by call basis. The technology is hosted within an intuitive cloud platform, allowing you to analyze calling performance and fine-tune routing parameters based on your company‘s particular needs.Additionally, a multiple-carrier solution provides layers of redundancy. This allows for quick disaster recovery in the event of an embarrassing carrier outage that would otherwise adversely affect your customers‘ experience.”

Download the full report here.