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Does Least Cost Routing Mean Lower Quality Calls?

It’s something we hear every day: Least Cost Routing (LCR) for outbound voice calls must be a lower quality solution. This thinking clearly comes from the world we live in, where the price-point of products and services usually does dictate the quality you can expect.

This, however, is not the case with thinQ’s LCR software. When an outbound call comes through our system, we operate in the signaling path of the call to direct it to your choice among 45 carriers to see which can complete the call at the lowest cost.

So why is carrier #1 lower in cost than carrier #2?

This all comes down to the presence a carrier has in the area where the call terminates. If carrier #1 has their own infrastructure in place in an area, then there will be fewer hops and handoffs to complete a call. Every time an additional carrier is leveraged to complete a call, a profit margin is built in which drives up the cost per minute. So the more direct path will almost always be the lowest cost option to complete a call, with the added benefit of using the carrier with the best point of presence in an area and fewest hops, ultimately giving you the best quality while saving money.

So what makes thinQ different? Our LCR software tears away the vagueness that most vendors hide behind when you send a call to them to complete. We have 45 carriers that have been tested and vetted for quality, and you have total control over which carriers will handle your calls.

Only want to use RBOC’s? Fine. Have customers that are doing more high volume traffic? Great, we have carriers that are built to handle high traffic. Essentially you can create your own network of carriers that make sense for your business, and manage them however you see fit.

thinQ has created a one-stop shop and marketplace to provide you with direct access to the carriers as if you had negotiated agreements with them directly. So you get better pricing, more choice, and dynamic failover when outages occur.

If you have residential, SMB, enterprise, contact center or any other type of traffic, we can provide a customizable solution for you.

Our software is free to use, only pay for the traffic that is sent to us to route.

Contact us today for a 15-minute demo today, and start delivering higher-quality, lower-cost calls tomorrow.