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With higher-speed networks coming online, it’s a natural question: does E911 work with 5G? The answer is yes. If you’re a cell phone owner, your provider’s E911 technology automatically provides E911 centers with your mobile phone number, cell site and sector, and your latitude and longitude location if the Public Service Access Point (PSAP) – your local 911 contact center – can receive it.

Your VoIP calls, whether they’re delivered to a landline or cell phone on a 5G network, can also take advantage of E911. For example, when you purchase or port a new phone number to thinQ, our E911 solution allows you to set an address each phone number. When dialed, it routes like a VoIP call to thinQ, then we route it to our E911 provider, who then sends it to the correct PSAP.

Have questions about E911 for your numbers? thinQ is here to help. Set up a demo today.