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Cloud telephony services have made it possible for smaller businesses to enjoy the kind of sophisticated telephone systems that were once solely the domain of larger companies.

Most people are familiar with the automated voice that instructs callers to “enter the extension of the person they wish to reach” when calling a large organization. These systems enhance professionalism and convey a sense of prestige but, prior to the cloud, were usually priced outside the range of most small businesses. Not anymore. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies can do practically everything that private branch exchange (PBX) systems are capable of, for a fraction of the cost.

VoIP also allows small businesses to sidestep the expensive, complex infrastructure needed to set up a sophisticated call management system.

The Cloud Enables a Different Kind of Telephone System

VoIP telephone systems look and function just like their traditional counterparts, but they use a totally different kind of technology. These systems transmit calls over the Internet, rather than through physical phone lines. While VoIP systems were held back by bandwidth limitations in their early days, this is no longer the case.

Today, they are powered by complex algorithms that help manage call volume while conserving network resources. VoIP systems also provide more flexibility than traditional phones, since they can communicate with any network-connected device. They support mobile workplace initiatives since users need only a reliable Internet connection to be a fully functional member of the telephony network.

Reduce Hardware Needs While Enjoying Superior Service

The rise of VoIP technology has sent PBX systems spiraling into decline. However, many businesses haven’t been as fast to adopt the cloud as one might expect. A recent study published by the Cloud Security Alliance suggests that two-thirds of businesses are moving slowly in their adoption of cloud technology, still investigating it, or are reluctant to make the switch.

Underlying trends strongly suggest that the sooner a business adopts the cloud, the better off it will be. Cloud-based services are fast becoming the technological baseline for the modern economy, and companies that hold back or refuse to adopt it risk being left behind by more forward-thinking competitors. The enterprise communication professionals at thinQ can help small and mid-sized businesses build the kind of telephone systems that were previously enjoyed only by large, deep-pocketed companies.

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