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Did you know? 98% of text messages are read within 2 minutes. Over a full day, that rate is just shy of 100%. While only 20% of emails are ever read over their lifetime, it’s business-critical to ensure the delivery of SMS/MMS.

Plus, COVID-19 has changed how we work, play, learn, and communicate. Watch our new webinar video to learn how cloud communications is now the “new normal” for sending text messages (SMS/MMS), delivering alerts and updates to employees, students, and more.

2020 has brought us closer together through the power of the cloud. While we’re socially distant, we rely on text messaging and voice calls now more than ever. Watch the latest installment of our “new normal” webinar series to learn how to leverage the cloud for voice and messaging capabilities. Watch all episodes here.

Text messaging is the fastest-growing communication channel in the world, enabling companies to engage with their customers instantly on mobile devices. Add SMS and MMS texting to both domestic and toll-free numbers to take advantage of the modern way to stay in touch, provide support, and more.

With support for both P2P (Person to Person) and A2P messaging (Application to Person), thinQ goes far beyond the features of free SMS APIs to get the scale, savings, and functionality you need. Learn more about thinQ’s texting API.

Whether you already have existing apps for your business or are starting from scratch, thinQ’s SMS API can help you get the text messaging features you’ve been looking for. If you’re looking to communicate like a modern business and want to give your customers the experience they expect, our SMS API can help you reach your goals.

With SMS API, you’ll be able to leverage our SMS gateway and integrate powerful real-time text and multimedia messaging solutions such as:

  • Pictures, video, and audio
  • Emojis/Unicode support
  • Group messaging
  • Bulk SMS messaging
  • Long SMS support
  • Embed number ordering
  • Detailed usage statistics
  • Reach out to our cloud communication specialists to learn more about adding thinQ’s SMS/MMS and voice solutions to your applications in minutes with minimal code changes.