The Ultimate Toll-Free Call Routing Platform

Reduced rates, increased operational control, and better call completion on toll-free calls.

  • 5 tier-1 carriers
  • Disaster recovery
  • Least cost routing
  • Customizable routing preferences
  • Real-time calling insights
  • Cloud-based portal access for number searching, ordering and provisioning

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How Toll-Free Least Cost Routing Works

An inside look at what our award-winning platform
does millions of times per day:


Step 1: Our powerful LCR engine programmatically analyzes traffic patterns, prioritizing top NPA-NXX locations for detailed pricing analysis.

Featuring Built-In Disaster Recovery

Carrier Outage? We Have You Covered.

With 5 tier-1 carriers at your disposal, you’ll never again have to worry about costly or embarrassing carrier outages. Our built-in disaster recovery technology re-routes your calls so you’ll always be connected with your customers.


What exactly is Least Cost Routing?

Least Cost Routing is the science of finding the most cost-effective path to connect voice calls. Rather than relying on a single carrier or network that charges a bundled price, LCR analyzes every possible route to connect voice calls in order to deliver the best possible price. 
thinQ is different because we deliver the savings of LCR on a cloud-based consumption model. Besides the improved quality and reliability of the cloud, this means you only pay for the calls you use—not for bulky hardware or bundled call packages

Do thinQ’s rates include taxes? What other fees should I expect?

While our rate decks do not include taxes, if your organization is not tax-exempt your invoice will include all applicable taxes (including FUSF, state, and local taxes). If your organization is tax-exempt, your rates will not include taxes (as long as the proper forms have been filed and your tax-exempt status is up-to-date).

Can I test your service to make sure it fits my needs before I commit?

Yes, we would be happy to provide you a test account so you can see our value firsthand. Please contact our sales team at 1-877-5060-SIP (747).

Do you have a flat rate for toll-free calls?

Yes. If you choose our flat-rate option, you’re getting a flat-rate price of 0.014 per minute.

Can I download all the rates?

Yes. You will have real-time access to all the rates from every vendor thinQ supports inside our support portal.

Do you support SMS?

While thinQ does not currently support SMS, we have plans to include SMS/MMS on 8YY and DID later this year.

Does thinQ normalize pricing from each carrier?

Yes, we bill in 6/6 increments based on the LRN of the ANI.