Least Cost Routing for Twilio Voice

Least Cost Routing for Twilio Voice

Supercharge Your Twilio Voice Experience with thinQ’s Least Cost Routing (LCR)
Platform. There is a better way.
Supercharge Your Twilio Voice

A Winning Combination

With just a few lines of code, thinQ’s powerful cloud-based LCR seamlessly integrates
with Twilio’s unique SIP calling features – without losing anything but extraneous costs.

Twilio Alternative

Reduced Rates. Improved Rounding

Our powerful LCR technology optimizes outbound and inbound call routing in real time, reducing costs by 30-50%.
Six-second rounding boosts performance further, saving up to 75% on individual calls.

Powerful Calling Features

thinQ’s LCR delivers much more than reduced calling rates. Our platform’s powerful feature set
further enhances your Twilio calling experience.

Disaster Recovery

Easy-to-use disaster recovery solution
in the event of a carrier outage

Caller ID

CNAM APIs make is possible to
integrate Caller ID on all outbound calls

Redundant 3rd Parties

Dynamic failover to the third parties
such as Plivo or Nexmo

Increased Calls Per Second

Route up to 150 calls per second rather
than just a 1

A Flexible and Intuitive Cloud Platform

Our thinQ LCR platform delivers the ultimate call routing control and performance on an
easy-to-manage cloud platform across all devices.

Get Integrated

Ultimate Call Control

Don’t leave your customers’ experience to chance.
With the thinQ LCR for Twilio Voice, you can:

Select your own termination
carriers and route grooming tools

Pay only for the calls you make using our
consumption-based model

Gain rapid insight into carrier
performance using real-time analytics

Get instant access to fraud
protection and monitoring

Build a unique, high-quality
customer experience

Enjoy full support from
our experts

Take Control

Built by Devs…for Everybody

You don’t need a programming degree to benefit from the thinQ LCR. With three
implementation methods and full customer support, we make sure your integration
goes smoothly and best fits your business needs.

Wrapper Library

Load our libraries into the Twilio SDK via
your preferred programming language

See Library


Hardcode thinQ’s LCR into your
existing scripts

Get Code


Utilize thinQ functionality with a
simple cloud REST API call.



What is Least Cost Routing?

Least Cost Routing is the science of finding the most cost-effective path to connect voice calls. Rather than relying on a single carrier or network that charges a bundled price, LCR analyzes every possible route to connect voice calls in order to deliver the best possible price. thinQ is different because we deliver the savings of LCR on a cloud-based consumption model. Besides the improved quality and reliability of the cloud, this means you only pay for the calls you use—not for bulky hardware or bundled call packages.

If I use Twilio Voice, will the thinQ LCR Plug-In impact my functionality?

You will retain all of the functionality from Twilio, but you also get additional features that allow you to pay less for your calls. You no longer have to play a flat fee, and you’re provided with total control over how much you pay and how calls are routed. With sophisticated network diagnostics, expert support and more, LCR takes your Twilio tool to another level – without losing anything but extraneous costs.

How does thinQ normalize pricing from each vendor/carrier?

We convert all billing methods to 6 Digit (NPA-NXX) LRN.

Do I need LRN service to use thinQ for LCR?

No. We include LRN dips on each call and route based on LRN information for those carriers that support LRN. If you need to learn which carriers support LRN for your calls, our customer portal makes it easy to find this information.

Do thinQ’s rates include taxes? What other fees should I expect?

While our rate decks do not include taxes, if your organization is not tax-exempt your CDR will include all applicable taxes (including FUSF, state, and local taxes). If your organization is tax-exempt, your rates will not include taxes (as long as the proper forms have been filed and your tax-exempt status is up-to-date).

Can I test your service to make sure it fits my needs before I commit?

Yes, we would be happy to provide you a test account so you can see our value firsthand. Please contact our sales team online or call 1-877-5060-SIP (747).