There’s a better way to manage your caller ID information.

thinQ CNAM allows developers to easily integrate caller ID data into your applications or phone systems. Here’s how our caller ID solution stands out:


Simplicity: Add our REST API into your code, and we will return your caller ID data immediately in the format you choose.


Accuracy: Receive the most reliable caller ID information available in TXT, JSON, and XML format via our REST API interface.


Transparency: Prevent telemarketers and scammers from masking their identities by cross-referencing the name field with our caller ID database.


Savings: Pay only for the caller ID service you use—thinQ CNAM has no minimum commitments.

thinQ CNAM can be bundled with our other offerings or fit easily into your existing calling solution.


How does thinQ CNAM work?

Send thinQ the telephone number via API call and we return the caller ID name.