Why Least Cost Routing Is Best Cost Routing

For independent carriers and VOIP providers, every voice call involves countless routes across carriers throughout the world. Least Cost Routing is the science of finding the most cost-effective path to connect your customers’ calls.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to voice calling, so we designed our approach to tailor itself to your company. Our LCR technology adapts to your requirements, products, clients, traffic patterns, and a host of other variables.

Imagine having total control over every call your customers make— choosing route, quality, and carrier on a cloud-based LCR platform. At thinQ, we put the full power of least cost routing in your hands.


Complete control

Pick preferred carriers using routing rules to avoid networks with less-than-ideal service.


Consumption model

Pay only for the calls you make with no charge for overage or hardware.


Automated savings

Reduce costs with real-time routing optimization on our cloud-based system.


Proven quality

Analyze all available routes in real time to monitor usage and validate performance.

How We thinQ

As a cloud-based software company focusing on telecommunications, we focus on creating simple-to-use applications that rethink how our industry connects. Our vision is a smarter, more integrated telecommunications landscape that empowers independent carriers and VOIP providers with faster, more efficient, and higher quality voice calling through a confluence of cloud and routing technology.

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